Join the Golden Rule Pledge and Prayer Event

If you have a account, you can join us tomorrow as we pray for the Golden Rule objectives. If you don’t you can join us right here.

Here is the Facebook page.

If you do not join Facebook, check out the following and signal your willingness to join us by leaving a comment.

We want to join with thousands of students nationally who seek safe schools for all students. On the Day of Silence, the focus is on making schools safe for GLBT identified students.

Many GLBT people do not believe conservative Christians care about them as individuals and we would like to change that situation.

Today and every day we pledge to honor the Golden Rule and specifically commit to treat our GLBT peers with respect and dignity.

We pray for the safety of all students and specifically today for the safety of GLBT peers.

We ask for help in loving others the way we have been loved by God.

We are seeking people to commit to pray for these objectives in time slots of various lengths from 6pm (EST), Thursday, April 24 until 6pm (EST), Friday, April 25. Please message Warren Throckmorton to let us know when you can set aside this time to pray.

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