Golden Rule Pledge on the Day of Silence: University of North Carolina-Greensboro

Meryl P. is a youth leader, student at UNC-G and a singer-songwriter. She wrote to me here about her experience on the Day of Silence (4/25/08). She also helped some of her youth group to pledge the Golden Rule. These reports will come in a separate post.

For me, it was an incredible day. The Lord speaks in silence, and that’s what he did for me. Through my prayer about showing love to others, the Lord really revealed His love for me. I had the opportunity to pass out several flyers and I could tell our actions made people think. I had a few people from the community, many homosexual themselves, tell me what an impact it made to see christians participating on their behalf. One of them commented that they “aren’t seeking approval, just kindness.”

The days following the DOS have had the most impact on me. I know that God used those quiet moments to open my eyes and change my heart. My heart breaks to see followers of Jesus Christ show such hatred, condemnation and cruelty to people our Father yearns to love. I wish every day could be the day of silence.. and I’m really aiming to show love in a revolutionary way on a daily basis.

I am a Christian musician and song writer. The Christian music industry can get pretty tricky, many times the gospel gets watered down and theology gets twisted for the sake of selling records. I’m in the process of recording my first album and it has been such a trying time for me.

On one side, Nashville tells you to write a certain “fluffy” kind of music, the kidn that doesn’t offend anyone or challenge anyone in the least. That’s the kind of music that sells record. It’s tempting, I’ll be honest.

On the other hand, I have the calling the Lord has put on my ministry. I don’t want to write safe music. I want to challenge the church, speak of the Lord’s love and shake things up. I don’t know how many records I’ll sell, but if it helps to change even one person, I can honestly say it would be worth it.

I guess all of that is to say thanks. This one day has changed my life and my heart is full of love for gay community. You didn’t know it would happen, but through you and the Golden Rule, God has affirmed my purpose.

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